Visitors and artists will get a chance to try their hands at curating, as a new photography exhibition at the Bollington Arts Centre in Macclesfield explores an alternative exhibition concept under the programmatic title “no ego”.

The new concept seeks to overcome the usual ego-filled nature of an exhibition, where artist and gallerist display the “best” pieces. “no ego” is aimed at people who would not normally visit an art photography exhibition – it invites the audience to participate, have their say and be part of the process.

Katherine Elizabeth Lewis, Kate McLean and Ewa James, the three photographers whose work will be on display, will share the results of 12 months of collaboration, demonstrating their own unique approach towards mounting an accessible exhibition.

They have selected and grouped each others work into mini-collections containing just 4 photographs. Viewers are invited to share their own ideas of what links each grouping: a word, a mood, a place. There are no right answers.

Ewa James, who wears a suit doing business in advertising by day and plays with toy cameras by night, says: “No Ego is about letting control go — to allow others decide about your work, in public. At the start I thought it would be all fun but preparation for this exhibition has been constantly about confronting your own ego. It almost feels the exhibition itself is the ‘easy bit’. Now we want to hear what others have got to say.”

Kate McLean, graphic designer and photographer of local (nearly-naked) men adds: “We all have our own identity, it is what makes us. Individuality is important to everyone: attempting to let go of that is both difficult and refreshing, a bit like spring-cleaning really. Please come and see what we have chosen for “no ego”, and add something of your own to it… let’s see where it goes.”

Fighting in-patient falls by day and hand-sewing fleece bunnies by night, Katherine Elizabeth Lewis says: “The ego: thoughtful, evaluative. It is the self in expression, the foundation of meaning, and it frames everything we produce, from the sleepy hello in the morning to each whispered good night. Can we achieve ‘no ego’ alone? Can we do it collectively?”

The exhibition will open for a private viewing with the photographers on 7 March 2010 and then run until 11 April 2010. Entry is free.

Read more on the website: https://noegoexhibition.wordpress.com

For more about the individual photographers see:

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